Selasa, 20 Agustus 2013

how to handle envious people

We live in this world will surely meet a variety of people. Then, what should we do if it we find some people always envy us? I will give you some tips to overcome this problem..

1Steer away from envious people. They will not admit they are envious typically. Steer away from this person. Keep away until they confess and say sorry. If not keep away, you can not afford to keep envious people in your private world. People that envy you are not your friends.
2 Examine his behavior. See his actions, words, etc. Sometimes they make face response, so be alert.
3. If you would like to do something, and he says things like "You can't", "You suck" or "You're not going to make it" then those are signs of envy. For example: You would like to sing, and he says you shouldn't because you are a bad singer but others say you have a great voice, something's wrong.
4.Try to help him out in that situation, talk to him about this feeling. If you don't succeed try to Break Up with that friend.
5.Talk to somebody about that. You might not see he's envious, but if you tell others the situation they may identify it.
6.Envious people talk with others about you.
7. Investigate what made him that way. You might be mistaken for something you did that he hated and he's trying to have revenge. Or maybe he's in a bad mood, and people with bad mood try to make others feel like dirt.

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